Hedi and Alfons Stützle

... were the owners of the "Ulmer", a restaurant and pub in Riedlingen, South Germany. The early Stützles musicians used to have their pint (in German called "Halbe") there after rehearsals.

As their first gig neared, the band needed a name. Ekke Wall politely asked the Stützles, if the band could use their family name. He was quite surprised at the enthusiasm shown by Hedi and Alfons Stützle for the idea. During the following years the musicians became like adopted children to Stützles. Whenever possible the Stützles were in the audience at the band's concerts.

In 1995 the band planned to travel to New Orleans together with the Stützles', and Hedi dreamed of parading through the streets of N.O. together with "her guys", holding a little sunshade in original Hot Jazz tradition. Sadly it was not to be - six weeks before departure Hedi Stützle died. One of her last words was an order to her husband to fly with the band anyway. And he did.

Until he died in 2005 Alfons Stützle attended numerous concerts of the band and enjoyed being known as "the only German with his own Jazz band".