The Musicians

Ekke Wall, born in 1938, tp, voc, ld. Founded the band in 1978 and has been leader ever since.
Played classical violin as a young guy, but got to know Turk Murphy's jazz from radio station AFN, and took up trumpet, trombone and alto sax. Was trumpet player of the legendary PowerPlay in the early 70s and worked with stars like Wolfgang Lackerschmid and Anne Haigis. Later he toured the world with several bands, visiting Paraguay, the Philippines, Canada, Italy, Croatia, and Japan twice. Arranger, MC and lead trumpet player for the South German band trumpet summit since 1996.

Michel Groner, born in 1964, cl. Joined the band in 2001. As a young guy he was lead guitar player and singer with "Lotus", a rockband. Studied clarinet and graduated in 1988. Member of several folk-bands playing Oberkrainer and Egerländer style. First came to jazz as clarinet player of "Jazzbaustelle" (later renamed "Louisiana Jazzband"). Is now playing clarinet in the Music Corps of the German army. Also plays zither - unforgettable is his interpretation of Anton Karas' "Harry Lime Theme" together with Stützles.

John Service, born in 1965, tb, voc. Joined the band in 2011. Was a member of the Chris Barber Band for several years and worked with Dan Barrett (USA), Johnny McCallum (GB), Sid Kucera (CH), Milano Jazz Gang (I), Phil Franklin (GB).

Bruno Bischofberger, born in 1948, bjo. Started his musical career in 1958 as an accordion player. Since 1965 plays banjo, guitar, ukulele and several other string instruments. In 1981 he added the tuba to his repertoire of instruments. Played banjo at "Schwaaz Vere's Jazz Gang" from 1971 to 1991, then came to Stützles Halbe Stompers. Plays as a dep with almost every South German jazz band and worked with "First Traditional Jazz Company", "Dixie Treibhaus Ventil", Helmut Dold, Oskar Klein and Häns'sche Weiss - to mention just a few.

Rudi Elsässer, born in 1955, p. Piano player with academic degree. Used to be the leader of "Rudi's Ragtime Ramblers" until 1982, when his band consolidated with the first Stützles line up. And ever since our man on piano.

Knalle Wall, born in 1964, tu. Can be heard at international festivals from Lisbon to Copenhagen, plays with bands like Dixieman Four. Owner of the jazz label Chorus Records, leader and arranger of trumpet summit. Worked with, among others, "Swiss Oldtime Session", Charly Antolini, Heye Villechner, Fritz Stewens, Nina Michelle, Pit Müller, Markus Hächler, Hermann Bruderhofer, Phil Rhodes, the Veterinary Street Jazzband and countless other international jazz musicians. Stützles' original drummer from 1978 to 1982. Played tuba as a dep with the band from 1989 on, since 2008 a regular band member again.